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No fight tights,
the smart alternative

We can’t rewrite the rules, but we can celebrate the birth of a new innovative tights design that is set to end all of those tights fights, whether for school, work or fashion.

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No Fight Tights for a comfortable school uniform experience

“So we had success in that she wore them but we had to do a fair bit of desensitising (basically involves rubbing with firm pressure) in the seam where the silky top joins the knitted part BUT and this is big this is the first time she has stayed in tights all day long and there was no fighting them once we desensitised enough and got on the way 👏 so that’s quite a win for us! Thank you!!!! For non sensitive kids I can see them being a big win and I want them as an adult 😆 amazing how they stay up! I think they’re also a win for sensitive kids although the seam did give a bit of issue the rest didn’t and that’s a vast improvement.”

Mary P (child with heightened sensitivity)

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Fashionable, Functional & Comfortable School Uniform Tights

There is no doubt about it, if you are female and have worn school tights or are currently wearing them

as part of your school uniform, then they will be one of your least favourite items to wear.

For generations girls have been forced to wear compulsory school tights that simply do not work.

No Fight Tights offer the wearer the chance to say goodbye to non functional tights. Goodbye to that itch,

sag, dig in, sweaty, rolling, easily ripped and generally uncomfortable tight. Hello to a new tight that solves

many of these issues.

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Keeping up

NFT’S trending sports design means additional layers of clothing are not required to keep sagging tights in place. Girls should not have to dress like a superhero to feel like one.

If you are tired of your own struggle with school tights or hearing your daughter’s daily struggles as she fights with the wearing of tights, then NFT is a game changer.

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