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“My daughter is a small build with little shape and always dreads wearing tights to school. They fall down easily, are saggy and uncomfortable.

Her favourite item of clothing is sport tights and she lives in them when ever possible. Imagine her happiness when she popped on a pair of No Fight Tights! The fit was perfect, she was super comfortable and happily wears them to school in the colder months now. Thanks for such an amazing products and helping my daughter to be happier at school!”


“So we had success in that she wore them but we had to do a fair bit of desensitising (basically involves rubbing with firm pressure) in the seam where the silky top joins the knitted part BUT and this is big this is the first time she has stayed in tights all day long and there was no fighting them once we desensitised enough and got on the way 👏 so that’s quite a win for us! Thank you!!!! For non sensitive kids I can see them being a big win and I want them as an adult 😆 amazing how they stay up! I think they’re also a win for sensitive kids although the seam did give a bit of issue the rest didn’t and that’s a vast improvement.”

Mary P (child with heightened sensitivity)

“I just wanted to say I finally got to wear your tights yesterday after going back to work.
These are the best invention because there’s nothing worse than tights always falling down.

Thanks for thinking of something so clever!”


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