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Footless Tights

The same as our original No Fight Tights but without the foot.

No Fight Tights (NFT's) offer the wearer the chance to say goodbye to non-functional tights. Goodbye itchy, saggy, digging in, sweaty, rolling, easily ripped and generally uncomfortable tights. Hello to new tights that solve these issues forever. 

School Tights - for generations, girls have been forced to wear compulsory school tights that simply do not work. NFT's trending sports design upper provides schoolgirls the opportunity to truly feel comfortable at school and not be distracted by additional layers of clothing to keep sagging tights in place. Girls should not have to dress like a superhero to feel like one.

If you are tired of your own struggle with school tights or hearing your daughter’s daily struggles as she fights with the wearing of tights, then NFT's are a game changer.

Fashion / Work Tights - NFT's are great for both fashion and work attire. You can wear them all day or night and feel super comfortable the entire time and look great. Our opaque adult tights have a lovely silky feel with great stretch to suit most body types, making them perfect for fashion and work.

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Adult Footless Tights - COMING SOON!!
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