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Hi, my name is Corinna and I’m a mum of two. My daughter Maya, aged 8, and I have been known to have some pretty frustrating mornings while encouraging her to wear her compulsory school uniform winter tights.

One morning, my husband, Andrew, and I were getting organised to go away for a weekend on our own, when in the morning Maya and I had the usual battle with the tights.

It left me feeling deflated and sad.  I was concerned and frustrated about my daughter’s situation, that she was so upset at having to wear such an uncomfortable item of clothing.

It wasn’t the ideal start to a weekend getaway.

I remember wearing winter tights as part of my high-school uniform and I clearly remember the discomfort…the itch, the sag and the bag.  I couldn’t imagine having to wear them in primary school too.  Oh, my heart.

Surely there had to be another option…something better for our girls?

I researched and researched and couldn’t find anything, anywhere.

Then I had the idea of combining something along the lines of tights/leggings.  So off I went to buy a pair of girls leggings and school tights, had a friend combine the two and VOILA! – No Fight Tight’s (NFT’s) was born.  As a runner I was aware of how comfortable running tights can be so I knew this design could be further improved.  NFT’s unique patented design now combines a lycra upper with a traditional cotton weave lower portion that meets school uniform requirements but can also be worn as a fabulous sport or fashion accessory.

You too can now take part in the tight revolution!

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about us - no fight tights history
about us - no fight tights history

“So we had success in that she wore them but we had to do a fair bit of desensitising (basically involves rubbing with firm pressure) in the seam where the silky top joins the knitted part BUT and this is big this is the first time she has stayed in tights all day long and there was no fighting them once we desensitised enough and got on the way 👏 so that’s quite a win for us! Thank you!!!! For non sensitive kids I can see them being a big win and I want them as an adult 😆 amazing how they stay up! I think they’re also a win for sensitive kids although the seam did give a bit of issue the rest didn’t and that’s a vast improvement.”

Mary P (child with heightened sensitivity)

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